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Clean Energy Council AcreditedLangwarrin Solar supply and install products which are of the highest quality and efficiency meeting the Australian standards. We can design a system to suit your energy and financial needs.

Langwarrin Solar service the Mornington Peninsula, Frankston, Cranbourne and South Eastern Melbourne suburbs.

Solar Power – the way of the future

With the ever increasing demand for cleaner energy, solar power has proven itself to be an efficient alternative to coal-fired power & while it cannot produce power all the time it does generate the power during high demand times.

How does it work?

Solar Photovoltaic panels capture the sun's energy and generates a direct current (dc) therefore an inverter is needed to change it to an alternating current (ac) which is used by the household or fed back into the electricity grid if there is any excess.

Government Rebate

There are several ways to recover the cost of installing solar panel systems. Your system may entitle you to Small-scale Technology Certificates which can then be traded; either as a discount off the cost of your system, sold via the STC market or STC Clearing House.

Our free consultation provides you with an on-site assessment that includes design layout, the appropriate system based on your energy needs and detailed product information; to give you the maximum benefit on our investment.

We do not have any contractual obligations to particular solar equipment suppliers and therefore can offer an unbiased opinion on the right products for your needs.

Our business depends on our reputation and we pride ourselves on our workmanship, we are committed to providing quality service throughout the installation process and beyond.

Solar Power Installation

Solar Power

Solar Power

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